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Marine Specimen Collection

Marine Specimens

for study and recreation from our marine environment.

Using nonlethal harvest methods, we collect and supply live cold-water and warm-water saltwater and freshwater fish, invertebrates, and plants for commercial purposes, educational and research applications. These organisms are harvested and maintained alive and then sold alive to wholesale and retail dealers, research institutions, and aquarium owners. Our examples of species are collected by scuba divers using nets and collection bottles, and by using devices called suction samplers that act like vacuum cleaners to collect small organisms.

More quantitative methods include more systematic approaches such as quadrat sampling along the intertidal zone. Much like observation by passive quadrat sampling, active collection using quadrat sampling involves using a series of squares (quadrats) of a set size placed across a habitat of interest. Species found within quadrats are collected for later identification. As with passive quadrat sampling, abundances of organisms found at the study site can be calculated using the number found per quadrat and the size of the quadrat area. Example specimens are often kept in long-term research collections for historical records. This is a time-tested hand collecting sampling technique well suited for coastal areas where access to a habitat is relatively easy.


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