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Underwater Archaeology

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Finding our past in the present, and PRESERVING for our future.

Our marine environment is dotted with past and present of humans. A DiveQuest Exploration mission is to investigate and study history left on the ocean floor. By studying, we gain a better sense of the physical and economic development, evolving shipbuilding methods, and what innovations occurred during the transition from wind-powered ships to steam-powered ships.

An important aspect of project design is managing the logistics of operating from a boat or shore and of managing diving operations. The depth of water over the site, and whether access is constrained by tides, currents and adverse weather conditions will create substantial constraints on the techniques that can feasibly be used and the amount of investigation that can be carried out for a given cost or in a set timescale.

As with archaeology on land, some techniques are essentially manual, using simple equipment (generally relying on the efforts of one or more scuba divers), while others use advanced technology and more complex logistics


Our process and methods

  • Position fixing
  • Site survey
  • Recording
  • Excavation
  • Archaeological science
  • Artifact recovery and conservation
  • Interpretation and presentation of underwater archaeology