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All photography provided by DiveQuest Exploration

Our Mission

To provide our customers with an efficient, reliable service of superior quality and value.

To help preserve our marine environment and maritime history.


Our Vision

We share our passion and enthusiasm for scuba diving through training, instruction, certifications and mentoring. Every diver is trained to the highest possible standard and educated with superior customer service. Our service is delivered in a professional manner and we aim for the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our purpose is to provide not just a diving experience, but to help identify needed change in our oceans, creating a vision to guide the change through inspiration, and executing the change in tandem experiences that allow our divers to make a positive contribution to the underwater world and raises their level of education and awareness. We do this in a safe, professional, and always fun manner.

Our focus in maritime history is to investigate our maritime past to protect our future. As we acquire
and disseminate knowledge, we aim to fill the void in our understanding of our rich maritime heritage, to ensure that there is a sustainable future for such sites, through archaeology, research, and study. Each Dive Team member is continually trained to the highest standards and caliber, and to exceed expectations.

We take extreme pride in our craft and provide our clients and partners with safe, effective solutions to complex problems, even under the most difficult conditions. In underwater search and recovery, if it is lost, we find it. If it has sunk, we will bring it up.

Through marine-life data collection and related activities, we hope to help conserve marine ecosystems for their recreational, commercial, and inherent value through education, with enlisting and enabling divers and other marine enthusiasts to become active stewards of our marine environments.

DiveQuest Exploration exceeds expectations and consistently reaches our goals. You simply cannot ask for better.
— Robert Wentworth, Marine Coast

Our Guide for 2019

  • Introduce the underwater world to all ages and backgrounds.

  • Teach and certify scuba divers in recreational and technical diving.

  • Use available technology and skills to search for and locate what is lost underwater.

  • Provide the best solutions to marine related problems.

  • Keep current of modern search and recovery methods and philosophies.

  • Raise what is meant to be afloat.

  • Direct or assist underwater recovery operations.